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The 10 Best Performance Marketing Agencies in London

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Has your brand been assured extraordinary results with no discernible return on investment thus far? It is not uncommon for performance marketing agencies to make lofty claims without fulfilling their commitments.

It is challenging to locate the ideal agency that has experience in your industry and has delivered results for previous consumers. It takes time to locate the right performance marketing agency online; therefore, we have compiled a list of the leading agencies in the United Kingdom today to assist you in locating the best one for your business.

Is that good?

What Makes A Top Performance Marketing Agency?

It goes without saying that performance marketing agencies vary considerably. We have laboriously compiled a list of the thirteen top-performing marketing agencies in the United Kingdom. This list was compiled using not only our own criteria but also the most important characteristics of a high-performing marketing agency.

  • Evidenced track record: Results speak for themselves. Before anything else, consider a data-driven agency with a track record of success. They can demonstrate their capability for you if they can demonstrate what they have accomplished for previous clients.
  • Specialists: An evaluation of the team’s magnitude and the quantity of specialists on staff. Performance marketing requires specialists because they are the ones who know what will produce the greatest results for your organization.
  • Channel proficiency: Find an agency with a track record of success across multiple channels, so that they are capable of delivering your content in multiple formats.
  • Clients: Which clients have they previously served? Ascertaining the industries and markets in which they have prior experience operates as a reliable indicator of their capacity to comprehend your organization and propose an optimally customized strategy.

Having established the criteria, let us now delve into the leading performance marketing agencies that are available in the United Kingdom.

Top Performance Marketing Agency for eCommerce Brands

The Social Shepherd

We are honored to be regarded as one of the leading performance marketing agencies in the United Kingdom.

We have received numerous accolades for our paid media efforts, which encompass:

  • Top Paid Media Integrated Campaign
  • Implementing Facebook and Instagram Ads Optimally
  • Ideal campaign for direct response

It may appear biased, but we have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to deliver and our results have received widespread recognition.

However, how does our Performance offering appear?

Paid Social – Utilizing paid social ads across multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat), we increase your return on investment (ROAS).

Paid Search – Display, Google Ads (Premier Partner status), Microsoft/Bing, and Shopping

Feed Management – Feed optimization and CSS onboarding (up to 20% reduced CPCs for shopping)

Creative – Animators, strategists, planners, designers, videographers, and motion designers comprise our staff to guarantee that your creativity is performance-driven.

International Growth –  Having personnel in both the United Kingdom and the United States, we are able to assist you with expansion beyond the borders of the United Kingdom.

Influencer – managing influencer campaigns with a focus on results (CPA/ROAS). Additionally, obtain UGC content for your creative.

Additionally, we are honored to be Google and Meta Partners, a status that grants us exclusive access to beta tests, new features, and insights that no one else has.

Nonetheless, if you prefer to see evidence-based data and results, the following are some:

  • With a tenfold increase in revenue over the past two years, Scaled Passenger Clothing has secured a £15 million minority investment round led by the former CEO of Gymshark and is ranked second among the quickest-growing companies in the United Kingdom.
  • By acquiring over 146,000 customers through Facebook Ads, Beebombs increased its return on assets by 87%.
  • Nu-In achieved a 30% increase in ROAS while drastically reducing budgets.
  • 8.2x ROIS while more than doubling their expenditure for Love Leggings.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for B2B Brands

Viral Nation

Viral Nation is a full-service agency that ensures its clients achieve the highest CPI and ROAS by utilizing paid social and integrated brand strategy in addition to data-driven lead generation for B2B organizations. With a global presence and more than a hundred employees, they are a group committed to delivering optimal results for each client.


Specializing in content marketing and performance, Velocity is a London-based and New York-based B2B marketing agency. By integrating analytics, automation, and promotional platforms, they ensure that the content operates optimally. Citrix Systems, Sprint Business, and Amazon Web Services are a few of the customers that they serve.

Gravity Global

An adherent of their fundamental philosophy of recognition, reverence, and conviction. Gravity Global is a globally recognized B2B marketing agency that has offices in Oxford, London, and other locations. They provide brand, reputational, and demand performance services in order to guarantee favorable outcomes for the campaigns of their clients. Its clientele consists of Aetna, ADESA, and Avast, among others.


Directive is a marketing agency that specializes in organic, paid, and digital business strategy. It has offices throughout the United States and in London. However, they provide creative performance services to clients who desire an increase in the conversion rate and user engagement with their advertisements, assets, and website.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for SaaS and Tech Brands

Expandi Group

Expandi Group is a technology company-focused B2B performance marketing agency. As a consequence of clients’ preoccupation with return on investment, the concept of performance marketing has been implemented: clients pay according to the outcome. Their current clientele includes major corporations including Google, IBM, and HP.


Gripped is a London-based marketing agency that specializes in performance marketing, lead generation, and digital marketing strategy. They provide paid search, paid social, and PPC services to SaaS, IT, and tech B2B organizations. By means of Capterra, Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook advertisements, they facilitate the expansion of enterprises.

Octopus Group

Octopus Group is a London-based agency that, among other things, provides Paid Media services to B2B technology clients including Adobe, Bluetooth, and Logitech. Their work is data-driven and ROI-oriented to guarantee the highest possible returns on the marketing budget that has been allocated to them.

The Brains

The Brains is a London-based digital marketing agency that specializes in SaaS company services. By merging marketing automation, innovative content strategy, and online advertising, they are capable of executing triumphant campaigns that effectively generate and maintain leads. Examples of clients include GRAKN.AI, ETFmatic, and Rezatec.

Top Performance Marketing Agencies for Small Businesses

The Small Biz Expert

The Small Biz Expert is a London-based digital marketing agency that assists small enterprises in expanding, as their name implies. Their specialty is executing successful campaigns for small and medium-sized enterprises via Google Ads, pay-per-click (PPC), and other similar platforms.


Dandy is a London-based digital marketing agency that utilizes pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to increase the online visibility of small and medium-sized enterprises. A group of PPC experts at their disposal will customize a strategy that guarantees not only increased website traffic but also high-converting conversion rates.


“Traffic plumping machine” is how Normal characterizes its operations. This London-based digital marketing firm assists small and medium-sized enterprises in augmenting their website traffic via Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and TikTok Ads. In this manner, they guarantee that the traffic will ultimately result in purchases.

The Good Marketer

The Good Marketer is a London-based digital marketing agency that assists small and medium-sized enterprises in generating tangible results. In addition to providing PPC services like Google Ads, they also offer Google Shopping and social media advertising. They are also a Meta Business Partner and a Google Partner.

Written by Ronak Ansley

As a seasoned digital marketing and SEO expert, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a passion for driving online growth and visibility, I have dedicated myself to staying at the forefront of industry trends and strategies. My journey in the digital realm spans several years, during which I have helped numerous businesses achieve their online objectives.

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