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SEO Success Story: VirtualRealitySocial

Client Overview:

Client: VirtualRealitySocial
Industry: Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Content – Social Experiences, Games, and More


VirtualRealitySocial, a pioneering platform for virtual and augmented reality content, partnered with SVBY Agency to elevate their online presence and strengthen their position in the immersive technology space. Despite offering innovative content, the challenge was to increase visibility and engagement through strategic SEO efforts.

Strategy Implemented:

SVBY Agency devised a tailored SEO strategy to address VirtualRealitySocial’s unique needs in the virtual and augmented reality domain:

  1. Keyword Research: Comprehensive research identified key keywords with a focus on immersive experiences, including “VR arcade in Denver,” “Cyberpunk on Virtual Reality Social,” “Cosmos on Virtual Reality Social,” and “Alice on Virtual Reality Social.”

  2. Content Optimization: Strategic optimization of existing content and creation of new, engaging articles with target keywords seamlessly integrated.

  3. Backlink Building: A targeted backlink strategy to enhance domain authority and establish VirtualRealitySocial as a go-to source for immersive content.

  4. Social Media Integration: Leveraging social media platforms to enhance the social presence of VirtualRealitySocial, aligning with the immersive and social nature of the content.


The implementation of the SEO strategy resulted in significant success for VirtualRealitySocial:

  • Impressions and Clicks Surge: VirtualRealitySocial experienced a notable increase in visibility, with 220k impressions and 6.58k clicks, reflecting heightened interest and engagement.

  • Top Positions for Critical Keywords: VirtualRealitySocial achieved top positions for crucial keywords, with “VR arcade in Denver” securing the 1st position, “Cyberpunk on Virtual Reality Social” at the 5th position, “Cosmos on Virtual Reality Social” at the 2nd position, and “Alice on Virtual Reality Social” at the 1st position.


Keywords Current Ranking
vr aracde in dever
cyberpunk on virtual reality social
alice on virtual reality social
cosmos on virtual reality social

Google Ranking and Traffic Metrics:

  • Keyword Dominance: VirtualRealitySocial established authority with more than 10 keywords ranking prominently, demonstrating leadership in the immersive technology space.

  • Impressive Click-Through Rate: The high click-through rate indicates that users actively seeking immersive experiences are finding and engaging with VirtualRealitySocial.


The collaboration between VirtualRealitySocial and SVBY Agency resulted in a remarkable increase in impressions, clicks, and top positions for critical keywords. This success underscores SVBY Agency’s ability to craft tailored SEO strategies that drive real, measurable results in the immersive technology sector.