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SEO Success Story: Reaper Feed

Client Overview:

Client: Reaper Feed
Industry: Online Military Content – Combat Footage, Military History, and Analysis


Reaper Feed, a leading online platform for military content, approached SVBY Agency with the goal of enhancing their online presence and dominating search engine rankings. While their content was highly engaging, the challenge was to increase organic traffic and secure top positions for key military-related keywords.

Strategy Implemented:

SVBY Agency devised a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to Reaper Feed’s unique content and audience:

  1. Keyword Research: In-depth research identified high-impact keywords with military and combat-related intent, including “Combat Footage,” “Rogers Raiders,” “Russian mobilized issued broken AK47,” and “Top 5 Russian Helmet.”

  2. Content Optimization: Rigorous optimization of existing content and creation of new, SEO-friendly articles with strategically placed target keywords.

  3. Technical SEO Overhaul: Implementation of technical enhancements, including site speed improvements, mobile optimization, and schema markup.

  4. Backlink Building: A targeted backlink strategy to boost domain authority and establish Reaper Feed as an authoritative source in military content.


After implementing the SEO strategy, Reaper Feed achieved remarkable success within a short period:

  • Organic Traffic Surge: Reaper Feed experienced an astounding 400% increase in organic traffic, signaling improved visibility and audience engagement.

  • Keyword Dominance: Over 100 keywords secured top positions on the first page of Google, reinforcing Reaper Feed’s authority in military content.

  • Top Positions for Critical Keywords: Reaper Feed achieved the coveted 1st position for key terms like “Combat Footage” and “Rogers Raiders” and secured the 2nd position for “Russian mobilized issued broken AK47” and “Top 5 Russian Helmet.”

Keywords Current Ranking
Rogers Raiders
Combat Footage
Russian mobilized issued broken AK-74
Top 5 russian helmet

Google Ranking and Traffic Metrics:

  • Google Ranking: Reaper Feed now dominates the search results with over 100 keywords ranking on the 1st page of Google, with Combat Footage and Rogers Raiders securing the 1st position.

  • Traffic Increase: The website experienced a fourfold increase in organic traffic, cementing Reaper Feed’s position as a leading authority in military-related content.


The collaboration between SVBY Agency and Reaper Feed resulted in an outstanding 400% increase in organic traffic and the establishment of over 100 keywords on the 1st page of Google. This success underscores SVBY Agency’s ability to craft tailored SEO strategies that deliver tangible and impactful results.