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SEO Success Story: Circuit Rocks

Client Overview:

Client: Circuit Rocks
Industry:  Largest selection of top open-source , DIY, electronics products – all in a single website!


Circuit Rocks, a prominent player in their industry, engaged with SVBY Agency to enhance their online presence and drive tangible business results. Despite their strengths, the challenge was to boost revenue and improve conversion rates through strategic SEO initiatives.

Strategy Implemented:

SVBY Agency developed and executed a comprehensive SEO strategy to address Circuit Rocks’ business goals:

  1. Revenue and Conversion Rate Optimization: Analyzing user behavior, refining user journeys, and implementing CRO strategies to enhance the website’s ability to convert visitors into customers.

  2. Keyword Research and Optimization: In-depth research identified key industry-specific keywords with high search intent. Strategic placement of these keywords in content and meta tags to boost relevance.

  3. Content Enhancement: Developing targeted content that not only appealed to search engines but also provided value to the audience, improving user engagement and time on site.

  4. Technical SEO Improvements: Conducting a thorough technical SEO audit to identify and rectify issues affecting website performance, speed, and mobile-friendliness.

  5. Conversion Funnel Analysis: Implementing improvements in the conversion funnel to streamline the user journey and enhance the overall customer experience.


The implementation of the SEO strategy yielded substantial success for Circuit Rocks:

  • Revenue and Conversion Rate Surge: Circuit Rocks witnessed an impressive improvement of 57.43% in revenue, showcasing the effectiveness of the conversion-focused strategies implemented.

  • Top Positions for Critical Keywords: Eight key industry-related keywords secured prime positions on the first page of Google, ensuring heightened visibility among the target audience.

Keywords Current Ranking
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Displays Equipment Philippines
Wheels Philippines

Google Ranking and Business Metrics:

  • Keyword Dominance: Circuit Rocks solidified its online presence with eight keywords ranking prominently on the first page of Google, capturing the attention of potential customers.

  • Revenue Growth: The SEO initiatives directly contributed to a significant increase in revenue, aligning with Circuit Rocks’ business objectives.


The collaboration between Circuit Rocks and SVBY Agency resulted in a substantial increase in revenue, a remarkable improvement in the conversion rate, and the establishment of eight critical keywords on the first page of Google. This success underscores SVBY Agency’s ability to craft tailored SEO strategies that drive real, measurable results aligned with business objectives.