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PPC Success Story: Redlands Vacation

Client Overview:

  • Client Name: Traco Packaging
  • Business Type: Packaging Material and Personal Safety Products
  • Location: Orem, USA
  • Initial Challenge: Low Sales (August 2021)

Our Approach:

Traco Packaging approached us in August 2021 with concerns about low sales in the highly competitive market of packaging materials and personal safety products in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Employing our SVBY optimization expertise, we implemented strategic changes to enhance campaign performance.

Optimization Levels and Results:

  • Cost/Conv. Reduction: Achieved a significant reduction in cost per conversion from MX$15.46 to MX$8.43, demonstrating our commitment to cost-efficiency.

Keyword Refinement and Strategy:

  • Conducted an in-depth analysis of keywords related to packaging materials and personal safety products.
  • Refined the keyword strategy to target high-intent users in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, who are actively searching for these products.

Ad Copy and Extension Enhancement:

  • Improved ad copies to highlight Traco Packaging’s unique selling propositions and competitive advantages.
  • Implemented ad extensions for additional information, such as product features and promotions.

Localized Campaign Targeting:

  • Restructured campaigns to focus specifically on Nuevo Leon, ensuring that the budget is efficiently allocated to the local market.

Search Query Optimization:

  • Rigorously optimized search query reports to identify high-performing keywords and added negative keywords to eliminate irrelevant traffic.



  • Cost Efficiency: Successfully reduced the cost per conversion, making Traco Packaging’s advertising budget more effective in generating valuable leads and sales.
  • Improved Visibility: Increased the visibility of Traco Packaging in Nuevo Leon, ensuring that the business is prominently featured in relevant search results.


Client Testimonial

The SVBY team's optimization efforts have truly transformed our PPC campaigns. The reduction in cost per conversion and improved sales are a testament to their dedication and expertise. We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to continued success.

Matthew Woods