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PPC Success Story: Ok the store

Our Approach: In October 2019, okthestore sought our expertise to address concerns about low sales on their ecommerce platform offering a diverse range of products, including jewelry, watches, and books. Our tailored PPC strategy aimed to increase sales and revenue for the online store.

  • Impressive Milestone: Achieved an outstanding 1M sales/conversions, showcasing the efficacy of our PPC campaigns in driving substantial revenue for okthestore.

Campaign Restructuring:

  • Analyzed product categories to create targeted campaigns for jewelry, watches, and books.
  • Implemented a granular structure to enhance relevance and performance.

Ad Copy Optimization:

  • Crafted compelling ad copies tailored to each product category, emphasizing unique selling points and promotions.
  • Utilized ad extensions to provide additional details and encourage click-through.

Strategic Bid Management:

  • Implemented strategic bidding to maximize visibility for high-converting products while managing budget allocation effectively.

Keyword Expansion:

  • Expanded keyword lists to capture a broader audience and align with the diverse product range offered by okthestore.

Adaptive Targeting:

  • Adjusted targeting parameters based on product performance and market trends to ensure campaigns remained relevant.


  • Remarkable Sales Growth: The achievement of 1M sales/conversions underscores the success of our PPC efforts in transforming okthestore’s sales landscape.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Improved the visibility of okthestore’s products, reaching a wider audience interested in jewelry, watches, and books.



  • Cost Efficiency: Successfully reduced the cost per conversion, making Traco Packaging’s advertising budget more effective in generating valuable leads and sales.
  • Improved Visibility: Increased the visibility of Traco Packaging in Nuevo Leon, ensuring that the business is prominently featured in relevant search results.


Client Testimonial

The partnership with the PPC experts at SVBY agency has been instrumental in propelling okthestore to unprecedented success. The 1M sales milestone is a testament to their strategic approach and dedication. We look forward to continued growth with SVBY agency.

Matthew Green