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Collaboration between SVBY Agency and Fragrance Revolution Boutique exemplifies the transformative potential of strategic SEO initiatives in propelling e-commerce ventures towards sustainable growth. The project made 1000$ in sales from organic search in 3-4 months only, all by strategic SEO initiatives by SVBY Agency, thereby unlocking new avenues for organic growth and market differentiation.


Summary of Project

SVBY Agency’s deliverables for Fragrance Revolution Boutique, in building the website from scratch, encompassed a high-performing website that not only met but exceeded Fragrance Revolution Boutique’s expectations, driving growth, engagement, and success in the competitive landscape of online fragrance retail.


About the Project?

SVBY Agency embarked on a transformative journey with Fragrance Revolution Boutique, an enchanting haven where fragrance aficionados immerse themselves in a world of olfactory delights. The project aimed to enhance the boutique’s online visibility and drive organic sales through strategic SEO initiatives. By leveraging the boutique’s compelling narrative and commitment to unparalleled customer experiences, SVBY Agency sought to position Fragrance Revolution Boutique as a beacon of excellence in the competitive landscape of online fragrance retail.

The Client

The primary objectives of the collaboration between SVBY Agency and Fragrance Revolution Boutique were multifaceted:

  • Enhance Online Visibility: Secure prominent placements on search engine results pages (SERPs) to amplify brand visibility and attract organic traffic.
  • Foster Consumer Trust: Establish Fragrance Revolution Boutique as a trusted authority in the realm of online fragrance retail, fostering consumer confidence through transparent communication and exceptional customer experiences.
  • Drive Organic Sales: Leverage strategic SEO tactics to drive organic traffic and facilitate conversion, thereby augmenting revenue streams and fostering sustained growth in the digital marketplace.

The primary objective of our collaboration with Evoverse was to enhance their online visibility and establish them as a prominent player in the iGaming industry. Through strategic SEO initiatives, we aimed to drive organic traffic, improve keyword rankings, and bolster Evoverse’s domain authority. Additionally, we sought to increase brand awareness and credibility within the iGaming community, positioning Evoverse as a go-to destination for innovative gaming solutions.


The scope of the project encompassed a comprehensive suite of SEO strategies and trust-building initiatives:

  • Foundational Optimization: Systematic addition of products to the website, laying the groundwork for subsequent optimization endeavors.
  • On-Page Enhancement: Meticulous optimization of product pages, including keyword optimization, title refinement, and image optimization to enhance relevance and visibility.
  • Trust Amplification: Integration of trust-building measures, such as quality assurances, streamlined shipping processes, and eco-friendly packaging, to engender consumer confidence and facilitate conversion.

What’s the results?

The collaborative efforts between SVBY Agency and Fragrance Revolution Boutique yielded remarkable results:

  • Indexing Milestone: By March, 109 pages were successfully indexed on Google, marking a significant breakthrough in visibility.

  • Surge in Organic Sales: April witnessed an 88% surge in organic sales, with revenue reaching $684 within a single month.

  • SERP Domination: Numerous product pages experienced a notable rise in SERP rankings, with select pages securing placements on the coveted first and second pages, further enhancing brand visibility and driving organic traffic. This strategic alliance not only elevated Fragrance Revolution Boutique’s online presence but also fortified its reputation as a trusted purveyor of exquisite fragrances, fostering long-term sustainability and growth in the digital marketplace.

Continuation of Results Achieved:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: The strategic implementation of trust-building measures and personalized customer experiences culminated in heightened engagement metrics. Increased time spent on the website, reduced bounce rates, and a surge in repeat visits underscored the efficacy of SVBY Agency’s holistic approach to digital marketing.

  • Expanded Market Reach: Through meticulous keyword targeting and content optimization, Fragrance Revolution Boutique witnessed an expansion of its market reach beyond conventional demographics. The boutique attracted a diverse clientele, spanning geographical boundaries and demographic profiles, thereby fostering a global community of fragrance enthusiasts united by a shared passion for olfactory exploration.

  • Sustainable Growth Trajectory: The tangible outcomes of the collaboration between SVBY Agency and Fragrance Revolution Boutique set the stage for a sustainable growth trajectory in the digital landscape. With a solid foundation in place and a strategic roadmap for continued optimization and innovation, the boutique is poised to navigate the dynamic terrain of online retail with confidence, resilience, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our team Responsibilities for Evoverse 

Nick, Saniya, Shivam, and Steve worked as a team. They all worked together to reach its goals. Their skills and hard work helped do well online. Because of them, is set up to do well for a long time online.


SEO Specialist

Nick, our SEO Specialist, took the lead. Nick managed the planning and carry out of our SEO efforts because of his many years of experience in developing and analyzing SEO plans. Nick carried out thorough research to understand the goals and target area of, finding important areas in need of development. Nick developed a unique strategy to improve the website's contact on search engines, increasing natural traffic and raising search engine rankings.


Content Writer

For, Saniya, our content writer, was important in creating engaging and search engine optimized content. Saniya included suitable keywords to increase each content's search engine visibility while also creating it to be interesting to the website's viewers. By attracting and keeping a loyal audience, Saniya interesting articles, blogs, and lessons have helped the growth of as a useful resource for the publishing industry.


Backlink Specialist

Steve, our Backlink Specialist, worked on getting other websites to link to Steve talked to trustworthy websites in the publishing industry and asked them to put links to on their sites. These links made look more trustworthy to search engines, which helped it show up higher in search results. Steve's work was really important because it made more well-known and trusted on the internet.

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