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Utilization of Laravel’s security features and custom PHP scripts to fortify the website, protecting sensitive data and ensuring a secure environment for AgroLabs and its users.

Summary of Project

At we are happy that we delivered best results for our clients through SEO methods. One such success story is our collaboration with, a great online platform that provides blogs and high quality books related to uniforms, firearms and equipment. 


The Brief

Olmsted Forge, a prominent e-commerce platform specializing in high-quality planting, pruning, watering, and sawing tools, approached SVBY Agency with the goal of increasing online visibility and driving consistent sales. While they offered top-notch products, their website struggled to rank for critical keywords, limiting their organic reach.

The Solution

SVBY Agency conducted a comprehensive SEO audit, identifying key areas for improvement. The strategy included:

  1. Keyword Research: Thorough research identified high-value keywords with purchase intent, such as “three piece pruning kit” and “coiled hose with watering wand.”

  2. On-Page Optimization: Strategic placement of target keywords in product descriptions, titles, and meta tags to enhance relevancy.

  3. Content Enhancement: Creation of engaging and informative content for product pages, blog posts, and guides to establish Olmsted Forge as an authority in gardening tools.

  4. Technical SEO: Implementation of technical improvements, including site speed optimization, mobile responsiveness, and schema markup.

  5. Backlink Building: A focused backlink strategy to enhance the website’s authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

The Results

After 12 months of dedicated SEO efforts, Olmsted Forge witnessed a remarkable transformation in their online presence:

  • Keyword Rankings: The website achieved top positions for critical keywords, including “three piece pruning kit” (1 – 9 position), “coiled hose with watering wand” (5 – 9 position), “five piece garden tool set” (8 – 9 position), and “hand saw with 13″ curved blade” (9 position).

  • Organic Traffic Surge: A substantial increase in organic traffic, driving qualified visitors to the site.

  • Consistent Sales: The boosted rankings and enhanced visibility resulted in consistent sales for Olmsted Forge, with the optimized keywords playing a crucial role in attracting customers actively seeking gardening tools.

Our team Responsibilities for Agrolabs

Nick, Saniya, Shivam, and Steve worked as a team. They all worked together to help reach its goals. Their skills and hard work helped do well online. Because of them, is set up to do well for a long time online.




Shivam, our Developer, worked on improving Shivam made changes to how the website looks and works to make it better. Shivam fixed things like how the pages are organized, what words show up when you search for the website, and how everything looks on the page. By doing this, Shivam made sure that more people could find the website easily and have a good experience using it. Shivam's skills in web development made the website work better and look nice, which helped it stand out in the online world where there is a lot of competition.


Backlink Specialist

Steve, our Backlink Specialist, worked on getting other websites to link to Steve talked to trustworthy websites in the publishing industry and asked them to put links to on their sites. These links made look more trustworthy to search engines, which helped it show up higher in search results. Steve's work was really important because it made more well-known and trusted on the internet.


SEO Specialist

Nick, our SEO Specialist, took the lead. Nick managed the planning and carry out of our SEO efforts because of his many years of experience in developing and analyzing SEO plans. Nick carried out thorough research to understand the goals and target area of, finding important areas in need of development. Nick developed a unique strategy to improve the website's contact on search engines, increasing natural traffic and raising search engine rankings.


Content Writer

For, Saniya, our content writer, was important in creating engaging and search engine optimized content. Saniya included suitable keywords to increase each content's search engine visibility while also creating it to be interesting to the website's viewers. By attracting and keeping a loyal audience, Saniya interesting articles, blogs, and lessons have helped the growth of as a useful resource for the publishing industry.

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Client Collaboration Showcase: AgroLabs

Utilization of Laravel’s security features and custom PHP scripts to fortify the website, protecting sensitive data and ensuring a secure environment for AgroLabs and its users.

Website Designing & Development by SVBY Agency


based in Ukraine

Client's Objectives Met:

Embarking on a collaborative journey with AgroLabs has been nothing short of inspiring. As a pioneering entity in the agriculture technology sector, AgroLabs envisions a future where cutting-edge technology transforms traditional farming. Our shared commitment to innovation and sustainability fueled the development of a dynamic digital platform to elevate AgroLabs’ online presence and amplify their impact.

Key Features:

Responsive Agricultural Technology Showcase:

    • A visually engaging and responsive showcase of AgroLabs’ advanced agricultural technologies, ensuring seamless accessibility on various devices with Bootstrap responsiveness.
  1. Custom PHP-Driven Interactivity:

    • Interactive user experiences powered by custom PHP scripts, providing dynamic and user-friendly functionalities as visitors explore agricultural solutions and access information.
  2. Bootstrap-Powered Responsive Design:

    • Implementation of a fully responsive design using Bootstrap, offering agricultural professionals a consistent and effective user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  3. Comprehensive Resource Center with Laravel:

    • Development of a robust resource center using Laravel, serving as a comprehensive knowledge hub for in-depth insights into agricultural technologies, practices, and innovations.
  4. Optimized Performance with Laravel and PHP:

    • Performance optimization techniques implemented with Laravel and custom PHP scripts to ensure efficient access to information, quick loading times, and a smooth overall user experience.


  1. Advanced Agricultural Technology Showcase:

    • A visually stunning and responsive showcase of AgroLabs’ advanced agricultural technologies, crafted using Bootstrap for a mobile-friendly and dynamic user interface.
  2. Interactive User Experience:

    • Integration of custom PHP scripts to create an interactive and user-friendly design. This ensures a seamless experience for visitors navigating through agricultural solutions and accessing information on the platform.
  3. Responsive Design for Agricultural Professionals:

    • Development of a fully responsive website using Bootstrap, tailored for agricultural professionals who may access the platform from various devices. This responsive design guarantees a consistent and effective user experience.
  4. In-depth Resource Center:

    • Utilization of Laravel for the development of a comprehensive resource center. This serves as a knowledge hub, offering in-depth insights into agricultural technologies, practices, and innovations.
  5. Optimized Performance for Efficient Access:

    • Implementation of performance optimization techniques using custom PHP and Laravel. This ensures efficient access to information, quick loading times, and a smooth overall user experience.
  6. Strategic SEO Integration:

    • Strategic integration of SEO best practices, utilizing Laravel’s capabilities to optimize content and enhance the visibility of AgroLabs within relevant searches.
  7. Content Management System (CMS):

    • Development of a robust Content Management System using Laravel, empowering AgroLabs to easily manage and update the content on the website. This ensures long-term flexibility and scalability.

Technologies Used:

Performance Optimization:

Efficient performance is a cornerstone of the AgroLabs website, ensuring that visitors experience swift, responsive, and seamless interactions. The following performance optimization strategies have been implemented:

  1. Bootstrap’s Responsive Design
  2. Custom PHP Scripts for Swift Interactions
  3. Efficient Codebase and Laravel’s Blade Templating
  4. Lazy Loading and Asynchronous Loading
  5. Continuous Performance Monitoring
  6. Laravel’s Efficient Query Handling
  7. Caching Strategies for Laravel

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Project Length

The development of was a comprehensive project that spanned over 18 weeks. From initial ideation to the final launch, this timeline allowed us to carefully design and implement the features required for’s innovative platform in the agriculture sector.


The budget for the website development project was strategically allocated to meet the unique requirements of’s platform. It covered elements such as the development of a user-friendly interface, integration of advanced analytics, and ongoing support to ensure optimal functionality.

Factors Affecting Time and Budget

The budget and timeline for the project were influenced by various factors, including the complexity of creating an analytics-driven platform for the agriculture sector, the need for data integration, and the importance of a seamless user experience. Regular discussions with ensured that the project’s scope aligned with their vision while managing budgetary and time considerations effectively.

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