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SVBY Agency is the a leading digital marketing company that offers all round digital services, including SEO Services, PPC Services, Social Media Marketing and Website development.

Our team is always ready to help our customers in taking care of their perplexing business issues. The handcrafted ways to deal with tasks and challenges, which we developed in our own projects are now successfully applied to the websites of our own customers.

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Web Development

After a number of projects in web development and Ecommerce in particular we are confident to say, that we have mastered this niche. As of now, our team can deliver some of the best solutions for online marketing



From SEO Audit to Link Building - SVBY Agency offers the solutions which will bring your website to the top of Google Search.

Pay Per Click

Our pay per click strategies are both time tested & ever evolving. Daily checkups & updates yield us high conversion rates with less CPC.


By creating and distributing content in different ways, a content marketing plan positions your brand as a thought leader and builds trust among your audience. Content marketing is a type of inbound marketing that brings in customers and builds trust, which makes it a good way to keep customers.


Trusted by HUNDEREDS of Business Owners

Casey Hill


I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to achieve with the website for my project, however SVBY knew exactly what I needed. They blew me away with their support and experience. Definitely Recommend.

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Trusted By HUNDREDS of Small and

Medium Business Owners

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Our Mission

Our mission is as simple as it gets – to provide our clients with the most cost effective solutions.

Our Vision

Working without a plan is like planning without action – one is meaningless without the other. In digital marketing in general and in SEO in particular, careful planning is beyond important.

Our Values

The core value of SVBY Agency is to approach every project as if our well-being solely depends on its success.

How Do We Begin Your Project?


Step 1: Tell us about your business.

We will jump on the quick call where you will introduce us your business and what do you want to achieve. We will also provide you a free website audit if you have one.

Step 2: We create a Proposal.

We will do our research and prepare a proposal that will be the most suitable for your needs. This will include a roadmap for the next 3-12 months.

Step 3: We work towards your goals.

After your provide your feedback and we agree upon the roadmap. We immediately start working on your project.

Step 4: Your new project is launched.

After we set up your SEO, website and Digital Ads campaign and make all the necessary changes your projects is ready to be published. We also provide full time maintenance to keep improving conversion and keep leads acquisition costs low.

We constantly review our approach & react to the market.

We maintain a vigilant stance by continually assessing and adapting our strategies to align with market shifts. This ongoing evaluation empowers us to swiftly seize opportunities, tackle challenges, and ensure your project's success

Trusted by hundreds of business Owners

If I were to recommend SEO service - SVBY would be on the top of the list.
Billy Pearson
Head of Marketing in Germanic Grammar
What I appreciate most about SVBY is their dedication to transparency. They've consistently provided me with detailed monthly reports that not only showcase the progress we've made but also outline the strategies for the future. This level of openness has made me confident in their abilities. SVBY Agency is the real deal when it comes to SEO. If you're a business owner looking to succeed in the digital realm, I wholeheartedly recommend their services. Thanks to SVBY, my startup is now on the path to success.
Cristian Radu
Head of Combat Sports & MMA Partnerships
The communication via Dan was good. I had an issue with not receiving emails and they were very quick in helping me sort it out. The owner of the domain explained why he couldn't accept my first offer, and I think that was very detailed and thorough.
Judith Henstra
Real Estate Agent
I was recommended by someone who worked with this company before on SEO so I thought I'd give it a try. Turns out, I'm blown by the results! My business is better than how it was before with the new look on my website. I'm so excited for new customers to see this! Thank you SVBY Agency
Meena Laura
Director at Events Manager at Springting Tech
Those who are already research your website - have the biggest potential to turn into valuable customers. This agency has a handful of tricks to actually make this transition.
Richa Bhandari
Marketing Manager
From the moment I engaged with SVBY, I knew I was in capable hands. They took the time to understand my business niche and target audience, which enabled them to craft an SEO strategy that was not only effective but also perfectly tailored to my specific needs. They're not a one-size-fits-all agency; they're a team that cares about your success.
John Payne
CEO at Double Glazing Australia
SEO is, in practice, the only way to build a truly passive and controllable income. SVBY agency certainly has qualification in this.
Karter May Marketing Manager
I wholeheartedly recommend SVBY Agency to any local business owner seeking to enhance their online presence. They're a team of professionals who know how to get results. Thanks to SVBY, my business is thriving locally, and I couldn't be happier
Virgil Reyes
CEO of Influencers Unlimited

Reason to work with SVBY Agency

  • Quality freelancers are like gold dust

  • In-house hires come at a hefty price

  • Best practices often neglected

  • Combined Frontend and backend skills, not a forte

  • Management becomes time-consuming

  • Quality control issues plague projects

  • Low monthly fixed cost, no surprises

  • Standardization across all stacks for seamless workflow

  • Upgrade or downgrade anytime

  • Dedicated QA team ensures quality

  • Pool of 90+ resources, talent on demand

  • Dedicated QA team ensures quality

Our Pricing

If your business require only one of the services, we got you covered.

Website Development

  • Free hosting
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • 500 MB Bandwidth
  • 24/7 support


$499 / month
  • 5-6 SEO Optimized Articles
  • 2-3 Keywords
  • SEO Audit Report
  • Initial Backlinks Analysis


$249 / month
  • PPC strategy creation & campaign planning
  • Bid management
  • 2 Landing page & ad design
  • Ongoing reporting


$249 / month
  • Account Management
  • Content Creation
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Ad Creatives

Our Successful Completed Projects

Website Development & Design/ SEO by SVBY Agency 

Got Questions?

How long does it take to see results from SEO efforts?

SEO is a long-term strategy, and the timeline for results can vary based on factors like competition and the current state of your website. Typically, noticeable improvements may take several months.


What SEO techniques do you use to improve website rankings?

Our agency employs a range of SEO techniques, including on-page optimization, keyword research, backlink building, content creation, and technical SEO audits, to enhance rankings and traffic.


Is local SEO important for my business?

Yes, local SEO is crucial for businesses targeting a local audience. It helps improve visibility in local search results and enhances your chances of attracting nearby customers.

How do you measure SEO success?

We track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as organic traffic growth, keyword ranking improvements, conversion rate increases, and ROI to measure the success of our SEO campaigns.

What is PPC advertising, and how can it benefit my business?

PPC advertising is a paid online advertising model where you pay when users click on your ads. It provides instant visibility, control over ad spend, and the ability to target specific audiences.


Which PPC platforms do you use, and why?

We use platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads for search engine marketing, as well as social media advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The choice depends on your target audience and goals.


How do you optimize PPC campaigns for better ROI?

We optimize PPC campaigns through keyword research, ad copy testing, landing page optimization, audience targeting, and continuous performance monitoring to maximize ROI.

What is the PPC budget requirement for effective campaigns?

PPC budgets vary based on your industry, competition, and goals. We work with you to determine an appropriate budget that aligns with your objectives.


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